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Map analysis

The Global Assassinations Monitor includes more than 2700 cases of assassinations and attempted assassinations, reported in the media. The map helps to visualize the data, and allows the user to analyze trends using filters based on motive, target group, gender, method, outcome, country and date.

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Geographic analysis

Drawing on global and regional news sources only, the geographic analysis pages break down the data by target groups, motives, methods, and perpetrators globally, by continent, as well as by sub-continental regions.

global analysis



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continental analysis


280 (37%)


280 cases

  1. South America 52%(145)
  2. Central America 41%(115)
  3. Caribbean 4%(11)
  4. Northern America 3%(9)


254 (33%)


254 cases

  1. Southern Asia 55%(140)
  2. Western Asia 41%(104)
  3. South-eastern Asia 3%(7)
  4. Central Asia 1%(2)
  5. Eastern Asia 0%(1)


185 (24%)


185 cases

  1. Eastern Africa 53%(98)
  2. Western Africa 18%(34)
  3. Northern Africa 13%(24)
  4. Southern Africa 10%(19)
  5. Middle Africa 5%(10)


46 (6%)


46 cases

  1. Eastern Europe 46%(21)
  2. Northern Europe 26%(12)
  3. Western Europe 17%(8)
  4. Southern Europe 11%(5)


1 (0%)


1 cases

  1. Australia and New Zealand 100%(1)

Thematic analysis

The thematic analysis section allows the user to view and analyse the data according to the thematic variables included in the Global Assassinations Monitor: target group, motive, method and perpetrator.

  • By target group

    The target group analysis page provides a breakdown of the data by each target group included in the monitor: politics and governance, local community, security, illicit market, media, criminal justice, the private sector and the international community.


    Local community

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  • By motive

    The motive analysis page visually breaks down the data into four motive categories: political, economic, personal and organized crime.



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  • By method

    The method analysis page allows the user to view the different methods used during assassinations, such as shooting, stabbing, beating, suffocation and others.

  • By perpetrator

    The perpetrator analysis page provides a breakdown of the (suspected) actors behind the killings. They are divided into four different categories: organized crime groups, armed groups, state representatives and hitmen.


    Not reported

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Book Faces of Assassination

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The Global Assassination Monitor report provides an analysis of the data from the Global Assassination database for 2019 and 2020, and highlights the ways in which contract killings and organized crime intersect.