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In the 21st century, so far thousands of criminal assassinations have been committed worldwide. Although all the victims are privately remembered, most are publicly forgotten. This project features the profiles of 50 individuals who lost their lives due to their role as journalists, activists, police officers, community leaders and other work that exposed illegal activity or disrupted the status quo. Through these stories, we can begin to paint a broader picture of the assassinations phenomenon and the wide-ranging impact it has on countries, communities and families.

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The Global Assassination Monitor is a unique and novel database that records contract killings worldwide over time. Based on extensive data collection from cases reported in media sources, the Monitor is a first attempt at measuring contract killings and highlighting underlying patterns and trends relating to assassinations at global, regional and national levels. Through this database, the project contributes to a better evidence base for the study of assassinations and the ways in which the phenomenon is linked to organized crime.

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